Lör 15 nov: Katy Guillen and The Girls from Kansas City USA

This blues-influenced roots rock trio, comprised of

  • Katy (guitar, vocals)
  • Claire Adams (bass, vocals)
  • Stephanie Williams (drums)

is one of Kansas City’s most exciting up-and-coming bands. Their sound is characterized by searing, lively guitar licks; heavy, driving drums; and rock-solid basslines. The combination of Katy’s soulful vocals and Claire’s intense harmonies add a fierce punch to Katy’s songwriting. With influences drawn from rock & roll contemporaries like Heartless Bastards, to timeless guitar god Jimi Hendrix, to sweet songstress Patty Griffin, KG&G have been known to pack a blues-and-BBQ roadhouse just as easily as a multi-bill alternative venue.


Datum och tid:
Lördag 15 november, 2014, kassan öppnar ca. 20:00
Katy Guillen and The Girls »
S/S Marieholm »
150:- (130:- medlemmar och studerande) förköp rekommenderas
Typ av arrangemang:
GBG Blues
Övrig info:
Bandet börjar spela ca 21:00
S/S Marieholm har fullständiga rättigheter.
Bluesjam mellan 16:00-19:00
Förköp via Pustervik och Ticnet