Lör 20 nov: Alabama Lovesnakes – S/S Marieholm

Alabama Lovesnakes
Alabama Lovesnakes

The Alabama Lovesnakes was formed in 2006 in Karlstad, Sweden, during the recording of Claes Nilsson’s country project ”The Wheels”. Late nights in the studio aroused an irresistible feeling in the band that just had to break loose – with the blues. Twelve years down the road, the band is still made up of the same members, and has logged countless miles and gigs all over Sweden, Norway, Estonia and France. The band has been a regular headliner at Sweden’s largest blues festival, Åmåls Blues Fest, for twelve years in a row and they attract great attention wherever they play.

The members of the band are vocalist and guitarist Claes Nilsson, bassist Fredrik Nilsson, and drummer Henrik Gillgren. The repertoire consists mainly of trio-based music and the band’s sound mixes elements of blues from both Chicago and Texas, combined with a rough Nordic edge, which adds a significant element to the band’s attitude and groove.

The band has released three full-length albums: “Nasty Weather” (2013), “Everybody’s Gotta Go” (2016) and “III” (2018). With the exception of the blues standard “St. James Infirmary Blues” from their first album, they have concentrated on original material written by Claes Nilsson. The band “tests” the songs on the audience for a couple of concerts before deciding whether or not they will be recorded in the studio.

Their latest album, “III”, was recorded during the spring of 2018 and was released by On the Hill Recordings in August 2018. It is available worldwide at cdbaby.com. The album contains ten tracks of original music and is receiving rave reviews.

A consummate blues trio!

VF 2018

Claes Nilsson is a brilliant guitarist

NWT 2018


  • Claes Nilsson – sång, gitarr
  • Fredrik Nilsson – bas
  • Henrik Gillgren – trummor


Datum och tid:
Lördag 20 november 2021, 21:00 – 23:30
Alabama Lovesnakes
S/S Marieholm »
150:- (100:- för medlemmar i GBF)
Typ av arrangemang:
GBF Blues
Övrig info:
Bluesjam kl 16:00-19:00 (fri entré till jammet)
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