Ons 8 juni: Pete Gavin i café Hängmattan

Pete Gavin am 11.  Februar 2012 im Gleis 1 in Waldenburg

Born in London, he began his career in the folk-blues scene around soho – playing in Bunjies, Troubadour, Marquee and other clubs with  musicians such as Spencer Davies and Keith Relf. Later he played at larger british festivals (Reading,Glastonbury). His day job (physicist) kept him away from the music business for a few years, but at the beginning of the eighties he jacked-in his sinecure and started to travel and make

music. The street became the hard school for his amazing mouth-harp and guitar

playing   and touring in Japan, USA and Europe helped form his style before he settled in Germany.



Datum och tid:
Onsdag 8 juni, 2016, kl 19:30
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Fri entré
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Blues i Hängmattan
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Café Hängmattan har fullständiga rättigheter.